March 7th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Wikileaks releases CIA hacking documents.(NY Times)

House Intelligence Chair says he has seen no evidence of a wiretap ordered by Obama. (WA Post)

The entire Senate wants Trump to act on threats against Jewish centers. (TIME)

Life on Mars, a high probability. (Tech Times)

Annual death toll from Alzheimer’s nearly doubles in 15 years. (Arizona Daily Star)

Bacon, soda, and too few nuts tied to big portion of US deaths.(Boston Globe)


Mary Sherman Morgan – First Female Rocket Scientist 

Having a baby out of wedlock and no college degree did not keep Mary Sherman Morgan from competing in the Space Race.

She worked at a munitions factory during WWII, and after the war ended she started working at North American Aviation. 

She developed the rocket fuel Hydyne which helped launch the United States’ first satellite Explorer I in 1958. Although most of the credit went to lead engineer Werner von Braun, her invention saved America’s space program (which became NASA later that same year).

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