March 23rd – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Trump to House Republicans: pass healthcare bill on Friday or he’ll move on (WA Post)

All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger (BBC)

The Senate voted to undo rules covering your internet privacy (WA Post)

Lawmakers demand information on Flynn’s Russian ties (CNN)

Democrats plan to filibuster to thwart Gorsuch nomination (NYT)

Taliban take an Afghan district, Sangin, that many Marines died to keep (NYT)
NASA Hubble telescope discovers the first ‘runaway’ black hole (engadget) 

New view of dinosaurs could radically reshape their family tree (LA Times) 


March 20th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Highlights from the House hearing on Russian interference in US Election (NYT) 

Neil Gorsuch nomination hearing for Supreme Court Justice (NYT) 

Republicans announce changes to their healthcare bill (WA Post)

Studies shed light on opioid exposure among US children and teens (Fox News)

WA state trying to find source of diesel spill on Columbia River (

Uber president resigns amid scandals (

Ketamine for depression treatment? (NPR) 

March 6th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Trump’s new travel ban. (BuzzFeed News)

GOP plan to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare announced. (

Congress will investigate Trump’s wiretapping claim. (PBS News Hour)

Iran launches two ballistic missiles. (Fox News)

Supreme Court passes on transgender bathroom case. (WA Post).

Flint water cost to rise. (PBS News Hour)

Children in critical condition after drinking tainted apple juice. (Fox News)

Facebook now flags fake news. (

March 5th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Comey asks Justice Department to reject Trump’s wiretapping claim.(NY Times)

ISIS using chemical warfare in Mosul. (VOA News)

Some Marines being investigated for sharing nude photos. (WA Post)

North Korea fires another missile. (WA Post)

March 4th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it. (AP)

Somalia: 110 dead from hunger in last 48 hours in drought. (AP)

Sickle cell anemia patient ‘cured’ by gene therapy. (

Trump supporters hold rallies around the country. (NPR)

Syrian Army takes back villages from ISIS. (SF Gate)

‘Logan’ brings in $33m opening weekend. (Hollywood Reporter)