March 23rd – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Trump to House Republicans: pass healthcare bill on Friday or he’ll move on (WA Post)

All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger (BBC)

The Senate voted to undo rules covering your internet privacy (WA Post)

Lawmakers demand information on Flynn’s Russian ties (CNN)

Democrats plan to filibuster to thwart Gorsuch nomination (NYT)

Taliban take an Afghan district, Sangin, that many Marines died to keep (NYT)
NASA Hubble telescope discovers the first ‘runaway’ black hole (engadget) 

New view of dinosaurs could radically reshape their family tree (LA Times) 


March 8th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

A Day Without A Woman Strike. (WA Post)

American Medical Association opposes Republican health plan. (NYT)

Iceland becomes first country to make employers prove equal pay.(USA Today)

‘Fearless Girl’ statue stares down iconic Wall Street bull.(Bloomberg)

Gunmen dressed as doctors mount hours-long assault on Kabul hospital. (NPR)

To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security.(WA Post)

Turkey shuts down U.S. aid group Mercy Corps as relations with Washington deteriorate. (Fox News)

At least 19 girls die in fire at Guatemala home for abused teenagers.(Guardian)