March 4th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it. (AP)

Somalia: 110 dead from hunger in last 48 hours in drought. (AP)

Sickle cell anemia patient ‘cured’ by gene therapy. (

Trump supporters hold rallies around the country. (NPR)

Syrian Army takes back villages from ISIS. (SF Gate)

‘Logan’ brings in $33m opening weekend. (Hollywood Reporter)

Simone Segouin/Nicole Minet: French Resistance Fighter

“…One of the purest fighters of heroic French Resistance who prepared the way for the Liberation”

18 years old in this photograph (1944)

Her first mission: steal a Nazi’s bike.

Then she and her team derailed trains, blew up bridges, arrested 25 Nazi’s in a single day, and well, liberated France.

Source: Rare Historical Photos




Proposed EPA cuts will effect Puget Sound area

Seattle PI reported that Trump’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will impact Washington State.

The White House wants to reduce the EPA budget by 25% and staffing by 20%. For Washington, the Puget Sound Clean Up effort will be cut by 93%.

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