March 21st – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

UK and US ban electronic devices on flights from Muslim-majority countries. (WA Post) 

Contagious measle patients visited public Seattle areas. ( 

Ivanka’s move into the White House raises questions​ about ethics. (NPR)

Women don “The Handmaid’s Tale” robes to protest Texas abortion bills. (AV Club)

Chicago police investigating Livestream gang rape of teen girl. *tw* (NPR) 

North Korea missile explodes seconds after launch. (WA Post) 


March 20th – News Wrap Up

Top Stories from Today —

Highlights from the House hearing on Russian interference in US Election (NYT) 

Neil Gorsuch nomination hearing for Supreme Court Justice (NYT) 

Republicans announce changes to their healthcare bill (WA Post)

Studies shed light on opioid exposure among US children and teens (Fox News)

WA state trying to find source of diesel spill on Columbia River (

Uber president resigns amid scandals (

Ketamine for depression treatment? (NPR) 

Wendy the Welder(s): WWII Battleship Builders 

Move over Rosie!

These white women worked in the Kaiser shipyards in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, and they managed to crank out a Liberty ship almost every week.

They wore heavy denim, leather coveralls, and steel toed shoes from the men’s department.

Welders faced opposition from unions, husbands, and even the shipyard newspaper. But soon, people found them capable and competent, and gained support.

After the war, they were laid off so servicemen could return to their jobs, and so they could return back to the home.



Proposed EPA cuts will effect Puget Sound area

Seattle PI reported that Trump’s proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will impact Washington State.

The White House wants to reduce the EPA budget by 25% and staffing by 20%. For Washington, the Puget Sound Clean Up effort will be cut by 93%.

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