Jackie Mitchell: Struck Out Two Yankee Greats

In an exhibition game between the Chattanooga Lookouts and the New York Yankees, 17 year old Jackie Mitchell took the pitching mound.

First to bat? Babe Ruth.

Her first pitch was wide. 1-0.

The next two were in the strike zone, and The Great Bambino missed them both. Ruth demanded the ball be inspected, but nothing was amiss. She winds up for the 1-2 pitch. STREE-IKE. Ruth angrily threw his bat down and returned to the dug out.

Up next? Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse.

He swung hard and missed three sinkers in a row.

And just like that, she hopped off the pitching mound and into the record books.


A few days later, commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis voided Mitchell’s contract with the Lookouts stating that the sport was ‘too strenuous’ for a woman. 

Women were formally barred from professional contracts in 1952. This would last for 40 years.




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